Best Games For Surface RT – December 2012

So you’ve got a Microsoft Surface and you’re looking to kill some time playing a game. Rather than spending hours trying trials of different games, why don’t you try this list of the Best Games for Microsoft Surface…

ilomilo +

It’s worth mentioning that these games will work on any Windows 8 or RT device. Also, I’m going to assume that you all already know that Angry Birds Star Wars and Cut The Rope are available on the Windows Store.

1: iStunt 2

iStunt 2

Summary – This is a side scrolling game. The basic concept of the game is that you’re snowboarding down a mountain and need to navigate over and under obstacles and gaps. You can jump, duck, flip and trick.

The Controls – The controls are physics and TouchScreen based

You tilt the Surface to the left or right to control the spin of the snowboarder. When you’re airborne you can tilt to the left or right and the snowboarder will continue to spin in that direction until you level your Windows RT or Windows 8 device. In each corner of the screen there’s a “grab” button. Pressing the button causes the character to grab that side of the board for either a nose or tail grab. Swiping up on the screen will cause you to jump and swipe down on the screen will cause you to duck. The controls are easy to use, intuitive and simple. The gameplay is fast paced and a lot of fun!

Price: $3.99

Link to game here

2: Noogra Nuts

Noogra Nuts

Summary – You’re a squirrel who needs to crack open nuts to eat.

The Controls – The controls are physics based only

In Noogra Nuts, nuts are falling from the sky for some reason. You play a squirrel who walks to the left and right on the bottom of the screen. By tilting your device left and right, you bounce the nuts off of the top of your head. Each time the nut bounces off of your head it cracks the nut partially open until after multiple bounces the edible part of the nut will come free. When this happens you can eat the nut by being under it as it falls. This game is fun, challenging and addictive.

Price: Free

3: Rocket Riot 3D

Rocket Riot 3D

Summary – Playing as one of multiple characters with a jetpack instead of legs (seriously), you fly around what appears to by the inside of a cassette tape destroying your enemies or different objects.

The Controls – This game really shines in it’s support for the Xbox 360 USB Controller. Being that this is an Xbox Live Arcade game, support makes sense. The left stick controls the flight of your character (up, down, left or right) and the right stick fires your rocket launcher in any direction. That’s pretty much it.

You really must try this game to understand how much fun it is. If you played the original geometry wars, you’ll be familiar with the basic controls. It’s essentially a top-down shooter tilted 90 degrees. The game is witty and its characters are amusing. You start out as a character named “Chuck” who has a clear resemblance to a certain Texas Ranger. 

Price: $4.99

4: ilomilo +

ilomilo +

Summary – Ilo and Milo, are a couple of adorable teletubby look-alike creatures who need to be reunited.

Controls – Although touchscreen controls are supported, this game is another excellent candidate for a USB Xbox controller.

Ilomilo + is a puzzle game. The goal of each level is to figure out how to bring Ilo and Milo together. You can actively switch between the two characters and you have a number of tools at your disposal. The puzzle’s of course get more complicated as the game goes on. The graphics really show off what is possible on the Surface. It’s definitely the best looking game on the platform so far, and since the Surface has only been available for little more than a month, the platform is very promising as a mobile gaming platform.

Price: $6.99

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Lane is an aspiring blogger and tech journalist. He is also an accomplished gentleman and has experience holding doors for women, children and the elderly.

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  3. […] all other details. Games are also important. I have an entire article dedicated to them. Click here for more […]

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